I recently had the opportunity to visit Holland/The Netherlands ("…then who are the Dutch?"). I wasn't too keen on lugging around my big heavy camera gear, so I borrowed a just-right-sized Fuji X100 for the trip. The lens has a fixed effective focal length of ~35mm, and you can choose from several shooting modes from full-auto to aperture-priority to full-manual. Most of the time I used aperture-priority with varying levels of EV compensation (-2 to +2). Another big win for the X100… it shoots in RAW (uncompressed) format and performs very well in low-light conditions.

I had just a couple minor gripes about the X100 ("OK/Menu" button size, menu navigation a bit clumsy, auto-focus unpredictable), but I understand the new X100S addresses most, if not all, of my concerns. At any rate, I got used to the camera pretty quickly, and by the end of my very brief adventure I felt like we were getting along pretty well.

Alright, enough text… time for photos. As you can see, the camera handles full sun and crazy fog very well. All the photos have been processed in Lightroom 4 (no Photoshop).

Afternoon and evening in Amsterdam - beautiful city!

A few days later I journeyed to Keukenhof, recognized as the world's largest flower garden. Problem was, the tulips were blooming late this year, so I got to tour a park filled with not-quite-bloomed tulips and a TON of fog. Oh, well... I still had a good time. I got some cool (if not kinda creepy) photos of the park that was, for all intents and purposes, devoid of tourists:

I don't really know how to conclude a gear review... maybe a score? 8/10, would recommend.

See ya!