My, how time flies. Here's the hotly-anticipated, long-overdue post of the newborn story and pics of our new daughter, Abby! What started out as any-old-Saturday quickly turned into the "we're-having-the-baby-today" day. My wife sent me off to taekwondo with the two older kids because she "wasn't feeling great." But while our son tested for his yellow belt, my wife's contractions jumped to three minutes apart, prompting our neighbor to insist my wife let her pack our bags so we could leave as soon as I returned home. Thank God! We quickly dropped off the two older kids, dashed to the hospital and snagged a sweet L&D room, where we were stationed while the OR was prepped for our (third) c-section. Now, my wife had always wanted a natural delivery, but, after two unexpected c-sections, was told that natural was no longer an option.

God knew better.

The doctor did a quick check. 4 centimeters. Twenty minutes later, while being prepped in the OR, the doctor did a final check. Surprise...9+ centimeters! He asked if my wife wanted to push. We could hardly believe it! So, a few short minutes later, my wife delivered our third beautiful baby naturally - right there on the OR table!

We couldn't let a week go by without filling the memory cards with pictures of sweet Abby Grace:


Ahh, the joy of photographing children. Sometimes the studio gets a little wild...
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