Why are you a photographer?

Simply put - because great photographs help us to remember the best moments of our lives.

What's your style?
That's tough to put into words, but I'd say it's a fusion of the timelessness of classical portraiture, the story-telling perspective of photojournalism, and the quality of editorial work.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use the highest quality cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories from the top brands in the industry - Nikon, Pocketwizard, Manfrotto, and Paul C Buff, just to name a few. For more information, please see my blog post, “What’s in my camera bag?” or my up-to-date Pinboard "I use this stuff to shoot other stuff."

Do your wedding packages include an engagement session?
Yes, all packages include an engagement session prior to your wedding day. This gives us an opportunity to work together before your wedding, helping your big day to flow seamlessly.

How many photographers will be there on my wedding day?
All wedding packages include an experienced second photographer who will help to ensure every detail from your special day is remembered.

When will I get my photographs?
Photographs are typically available within 45 days following your wedding.

Will I get the digital images from my wedding?
Yes, all packages include high-resolution digital files of all the final images, as well as a print credit toward my print provider. You may get prints made wherever you please, but I suggest using my professional photofinishing partner, as they provide the most accurate print on the longest-lasting paper. While local stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, and Walgreens are great for food and other home goods, their photofinishing services are unpredictable at best.

How many photographs will I receive from my wedding?
While quality is much more important than quantity, you can expect to receive 300-600 photographs from your wedding day.

The manager/propreitor at my venue insists on meeting the photographer prior to my wedding day. Is this a problem?
No problem at all! I appreciate the opportunity to tour the venue and meet the on-site contact before your wedding day.

Have another question?
Contact me and we'll chat.